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I study the relationship between Cinema and Architecture and my original contribution to this field is the history of the relationship between Cinema and Architecture with a view to informing contemporary digital moving practice in Architecture and Planning.

There are two main strands in my research and both address the issue of the use of the digital moving image tool as an aid to design and communications, one more specifically for architecture while the other thread concentrates on urban and planning issues.

I currently supervise eight PhD students working in the field of digitality, design and communications, architecture and the moving image. I teach a 2nd year undergraduate course on Cinema and Architecture and I am in charge of IT/CAD teaching.

Country:United Kingdom
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Projects:MIST: museum interfaces, spaces, technologies, NARRASCAPE: Urban Environment as Narrative System in the UK and China, Discursive Formations - Place, Narrative and Digitality in the Museum of the Future
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