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Alan Blackwell is a senior lecturer in the Cambridge Computer Laboratory, with qualifications in professional engineering and experimental psychology. He has 12 years experience of designing industrial systems, electronic and software products. He has taught design courses and supervised postgraduate design research students in Computing, Architecture, Psychology, Languages, Music and Engineering. He is a fellow of Darwin College, a director of Living East, the cultural consortium for the East of England, and co-director of Crucible, the Cambridge network for research in interdisciplinary design.

He and his research group have been active in the field of tangible user interfaces for 8 years, and are convening an international research workshop on the topic at the 2007 ACM conference on human factors in computing in San Jose.

Country:United Kingdom
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Projects:MIST: museum interfaces, spaces, technologies, NARRASCAPE: Urban Environment as Narrative System in the UK and China, Discursive Formations - Place, Narrative and Digitality in the Museum of the Future
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